Getting Started with Time Tracking

Getting Started with Time Tracking


The time tracking functionality within 4me enables the comprehensive monitoring of time utilization across all members within an organization. This feature serves as a fundamental element for precise resource allocation, financial oversight, and the invoicing of rendered services. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of performance metrics, oversight of overtime hours, and the generation of payroll reports. This tool proves invaluable for effective resource management and operational optimization.

Setting up time tracking in 4me is fairly simple. But introducing time tracking to an organization requires sound organizational change management and needs some serious preparation and thinking to make it work.
This training will guide you to all the steps you need to consider when introducing time tracking in your organization.

Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Approximate duration:  2 hours

It is important to note that this training module assumes that you have already completed the 4me Specialist Training.

Upon completion of this training you will be able to:

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