Specialist Training

Specialist Training


The 4me service is used by specialists to manage their assignments. An assignment is either a request, problem or task. A request is typically submitted by a user to get an incident resolved, a workflow implemented, a question answered, etc. A problem is assigned to a specialist by a problem manager when its root cause needs to be found and a permanent solution needs to be proposed. Tasks are part of a workflow. They are assigned to specialists when they need to perform one of the workflow tasks. In an IT context workflows are used to implement change workflows. In change workflows a task is assigned to a specialist by the workflow manager (who acts as the IT change manager) when he needs information to finalize the change’s implementation plan, and when steps of the implementation plan need to be completed.

Approximate duration: 4 hours.

Approximate duration:  4 hours

Upon completion of this training module, you will be able to use all the basic features of the 4me service that allow you to fulfill the role of a specialist, as well as a team coordinator.

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