Performing a Request Review
Problem Manager Training Exercise 1

Performing a Request Review

Problem managers periodically check the requests that have been solved for their service(s) to see if there are any that could recur if their root cause is not removed. Typically, problems are registered only for significant requests after they have been completed without removing their root cause. A request can be considered ‘significant’ in the context of Problem Management when:

The “Requests for Problem Identification” view is available in the Records console to help problem managers perform their periodic request reviews. If you have the Problem Manager role within 4me, you can access this view and it will show you all requests:

This may sound as if this view will contain a lot of requests, but that is not the case thanks to the Reviewed box. This box is automatically checked when:

In addition, you will see during this training that you are able to manually check the Reviewed box to ensure that a request is removed from the “Requests for Problem Identification” view. All this means that if you regularly (e.g. once a week) perform a request review, you should be able to keep the list of requests limited to a manageable number.

Go to the Records console, click on the “Requests” option and select the “Requests for Problem Identification” view. You should see a list of 10 requests. Familiarize yourself with each of these requests by reading through their details.


The requests are all related to a service instance of one of these services:

- Expense Reporting
- Time Off Request

If you open these service records, you will see that Thomas Wicker is selected in the Problem Manager field of the Responsibilities section. Thomas would not see any requests in the “Requests for Problem Identification” view if he was not linked to a service as its problem manager, even though his Person record has the Problem Manager role.

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