Integrations - REST API Training

Integrations - REST API Training


The following topics will be covered during the 4me Integrations Training:

  1. Developer Tools
  2. REST API – Basics
  3. Test the REST API Endpoint
  4. REST API – Get the ‘me’ Object
  5. REST API – Get a List of Objects
  6. REST API – Update an Object
  7. Combining Multiple REST API Requests
  8. REST API – Update of a Date and Time Field
  9. REST or GraphQL?

You will use your own 4me instance to complete the exercises of this training. You can access your instance at by entering the name and password of the instance. Once you have accessed your instance, select the 4me account of Widget Data Center.

If you do not yet have access to a 4me instance, you can request one on the 4me website.

Next, log in as Howard Tanner. Howard is the IT manager of the Widget Data Center organization.

Howard’s email address is:
His 4me password is: 4me
All passwords in your training instance have been set to 4me. For training purposes we use easy to remember passwords, since you will switch users with  different roles quite often during the exercises. The passwords do not reflect the strict password requirements 4me has for its own employees, nor the requirements your organization will set in the 4me system for you.
Make sure you verify the settings of your training instance when it has been used by someone else. Go to the Settings console (5th icon in the toolbar). In the left pane at the bottom you will find the menu options 'Instance Options' and 'Instance Reset'. Click on 'Instance Options' to enter your email address in the Forwarding email address field. Click on the 'Instance Reset' menu option to reinitialize the data in your demo instance.

Now that you are logged in as Howard, you are able to use the 4me user interface to look up the data you will be working with.

Howard has the Account Administrator role of the following 4me accounts:

He also has all other roles of the ‘Widget Data Center’ account. This gives Howard a lot of access within the 4me user interface. These access rights are also available to Howard when he uses the 4me APIs.

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