Change Manager Training

Change Manager Training


Change Management is one of the more complex processes that the 4me service supports. Change managers can be responsible for coordinating the changes of one or more services.

To determine when a Change record should be registered to coordinate the implementation of a change, organizations are advised to apply the following rule.

A change must be registered for each change that causes:

In addition, change managers may be asked to register changes to help coordinate complex activities even when the conditions above are not met.

In 4me Change Management (ITIL V3) or Change Enablement (ITIL 4) is implemented using Workflows. Although the term 'Change' is common within IT organizations, it is much less common for support domains such as Human Resources (HR), Finance, Legal, Facilities and Marketing, that typically do not come from an ITIL background. For them, the term 'workflow' is much more intuitive. Since the strength of 4me lies in seamlessly connecting all these domains, this naming improves the collaboration between these departments.      

Upon completion of this training module, you will be able to use the 4me service to coordinate changes by registering changes and relating tasks to them. In addition, you will have learned how you can minimize the administrative effort that is required from you to manage your changes. The most important features 4me offers to minimize the amount of administration required from change managers are the ability to maintain workflow templates and tasks templates, as well as the ability to define automated change workflows by linking tasks to each other.

Approximate duration: 4 hours.

Approximate duration:  4 hours

It is important to note that this training module assumes that you have already completed the 4me Specialist Training.

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