Administrator Training

Administrator Training


The 4me service provides numerous configuration options to ensure that the service management needs of different types of organizations can be met, from startups to managed service providers and multinational enterprises. This training reviews most of the basic and more advanced features that are available to set 4me up in way that optimally supports your organization.

Videos are used to explain this functionality so that you, in your role as account administrator and/or directory administrator, can always return to a specific video later when you are asked to adjust the setup of your organization’s 4me account.

Special attention is paid during the training to the following topics:

Upon completion of this training module, you will have an overview of the configuration options that are available in 4me. This knowledge will give you the confidence to adjust the account setup when your organization is ready to make use of the more advanced features that 4me provides.

Approximate duration: 5 hours.

Approximate duration:  5 hours

It is important to note that this training module assumes that you have already completed the 4me Specialist Training.

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