Grouping a Request
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 9

Grouping a Request

The phone rings again and this time it is Bob Capps who would like to submit a new request. Bob explains that he is stuck in SAP Manufacturing. He is trying to download a report, but it is as if the Download button does not work.

Request group

Open a new request for Bob and click on the Manufacturing (SAP) Production service instance in the SHB. There you see the request you registered in the previous exercise, as well as the known error you applied to it. This time, do not apply the known error. Instead, group the request from the previous exercise with Bob’s new request to ensure that the specialists of the SAP Development team do not need to handle multiple requests for the same incident.

After you have grouped the requests, you can save Bob’s request.


After you saved Bob’s new request, you will see the Grouped into field just below the request’s subject. This field contains the request that the SAP Development team will find in its inbox.

Let’s login as someone from the Development team and verify.
The SAP Development team is part of the Widget N. America – IT organization, so you will need to switch to the account of that organization.

Signout – click on Cali’s picture on the very right-hand side of the toolbar.

On the login form click on ‘Choose a different account’ and you will get a list of all the accounts that are available in the demo environment. Select Widget N. America – IT and log in as the coordinator of the SAP Development team (this is Chris Evans, email: and verify that you can find the group request in the inbox of the SAP Development team.

Once you have verified this, signout, select the VirtualSupport account, and log back in as Cali Forelp (email: before starting the next exercise.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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