Using a Known Error
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 8

Using a Known Error

The next person to call the service desk is Arthur Beauprez. He informs you that he attempted to download an SAP Manufacturing report as a PDF file, but that nothing happened when he pressed the Download button.

Open a new request for Arthur. Click on the appropriate service instance in the SHB. You will notice that a known error is already registered for this issue. Apply this known error and read the workaround that is suggested in the Note field. Next, save the new request so that the specialists can start to solve it.


The specialist to whom the request will be assigned is likely to find the suggested workaround helpful. When a service desk analyst is not able to resolve a request, he/she will ensure that the information in the request makes it as easy as possible for a specialist to resolve it.

When the known error was applied, the application looked up the problem record that contains the known error information. This problem is set to the impact level “High – Degrades Service for Several Users”, which tells 4me that incidents caused by this problem should be set to the impact level “High – Service Degraded for Several Users”.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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