New Request with New Workflow
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 7

New Request with New Workflow

Some requests that are submitted on a regular basis require a workflow with multiple tasks to be completed. For such requests it is possible to create a request template that is related to a workflow template. When a request template is used that is related to a workflow template, a new workflow will be related to the new request once it is saved successfully. The first task(s) of the workflow will already be assigned and if all tasks of this workflow are completed successfully, the request is automatically completed and the requester is notified by email, without any effort from a workflow manager. This can dramatically reduce the workflow management workload for workflows that need to be implemented frequently.

In this exercise you will use a request template that is related to a workflow template.

Assume that your phone rings again. This time it is Bobby Baird asking to have his PC moved to room 310. That is the corner office on the third floor.

After you have selected Bobby in the Requester field, click on his PC (the CMP00053) in the right pane of the Service Desk console. Next, select the appropriate request template and complete the registration of this request.

The Relocation Details section is a UI extension. A UI extension contains custom fields that organizations add to their request templates to gather the information that is needed to complete specific types of requests.


The Workflow template field became visible in the new request after you selected the “Move desktop PC” request template. The Workflow template field was set to the “Move desktop personal computer” workflow template.

The 4me service always needs a team and optionnaly a person to be responsible for a request, even when the request is linked to a workflow. Who will beome responsible is defined in the request template. In this case, Karri Otter become the responsible (and was selected in the Member field of the request) because Karri is the workflow manager for the “Personal Computing” service.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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