Using a Request Template
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 6

Using a Request Template

To make the registration of repeatedly submitted requests easier, organizations can create request templates. In this exercise, you will register a new request using a request template.

Let’s assume that the next call you pick up is from Elina Gallegly. She reports that the printer in the mail room (PRT00002) needs to have its yellow toner cartridge replaced.

Use the New Request button to open a new request for Elina. Next, go to the SHB to the right of the new request and click on the “Network Printing New York” service instance. After selecting this service instance, apply the appropriate template by dragging it from the SHB and dropping it on the new request.

You will notice that the template caused several fields to be filled out in the request. You will also see some instructions above the request to help you complete the registration of the request.

The large Subject field that is available at the top of the right pane of the Service Desk console after a user has been selected can be used to find request templates, knowledge articles and services. When a request template is selected, a new request opens with that template already applied.

To help the specialist to whom this request will be assigned, you look up the toner cartridge that needs to be replaced. You can do this by clicking on PRT00002 in the SHB.

Once you have related PRT00002 and specified the toner cartridge in the Note field, feel free to save the new request.


You could have clicked on the “Link Configuration Items…” link in the request. That would have allowed you to look up the printer by entering its label “PRT00002”, after which you would have been able to link it to the request.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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