Registering an Incomplete Request
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 4

Registering an Incomplete Request

After you passed the ID of the new request to Danielle, you hang up and you find an email from Doc Abercrombie in the email inbox of your service desk team.

In this email he wrote:

The network printer has a severe paper jam. I was not able to fix this.

You decide to open a new request for Doc. Rather than using the New Request button, you are going to use the list of services offered in the right pane of the Service Desk console.

Click on the “Printing” service category and then on the “Network Printing” service. Since there is no request template for paper jams, you click on the “None of the Above” option below the list of templates. A new request opens with the “Network Printing New York” service instance already selected. In the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) you see that there are seven printers that make up this service instance.

Unfortunately, Doc did not specify the label or location of the network printer in his email. See if you can figure out which printer Doc is referring to. Start by looking at Doc’s contact details to see where his office is located.

Next, review the list of printers in the SHB to find out where they are located. You should be able to find two printers that are the most likely to be suffering from the paper jam.


Doc’s office is room 403, which is probably on the fourth floor. The only two network printers on the fourth floor are PRT00004 and PRT00007.

Since you cannot be sure which printer Doc is having trouble with, you decide to register the request and to set it to the status “Waiting for Customer”. This causes an email notification to be sent to Doc, allowing him to specify the exact label of the printer that is currently out of service.

The clock is stopped as long as the status of a request is set to "Waiting for Customer". If there was still time to meet the resolution target, this amount of time does not decrease as long as the clock is stopped.

Go ahead and complete the registration of this request.


His request will open in 4me Self Service. This is 4me’s interface for end users. There, Doc can add a note to the request to specify which printer is affected. When his note is added to the request, the status will automatically be set to “Assigned”.

Doc can achieve the same result by replying to his email notification. When he does that, his reply gets added as a note to the request and the status is updated to “Assigned”.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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