New Request for Someone Else
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 3

New Request for Someone Else

Danielle Ackerman is the next person to call the service desk and you pick up her call. She explains that her boss, Ed Turner noticed that the new cost center number 400380 for IT training is not yet available in the Expense Reporting service. The Finance department told him to use this new cost center for IT-related training to qualify for a new tax incentive.

Clear the Service Desk console and select Ed Turner in the Requester field. Next, press the New Request button to start the registration of this request. Make sure that the Requested by and Requested for fields of the new request contain the correct values. Next, drag and drop the “Expense Reporting Production” service instance from the Service Hierarchy Browser onto the request and complete its registration.

Once you have saved the request, both Danielle and her boss receive an email notification to inform them that it has been registered.


Ed Turner is the CIO of Widget International. The crown icon is used to indicate that he is a VIP.

Because the value in the Requested for field of that request is the same as the value in its Requested by field. In such cases, there is no need to show this person’s name twice.

The request is listed in the Service Desk console when Ed Turner is selected in the Requester field, just like when Danielle Ackerman is selected in the Service Desk console. That is because the Service Desk console lists all requests in which the user is selected in the Requested by field or the Requested for field.

When a new request is being registered, the SHB lists the service instances for which the person selected in the Requested for field is covered by an active SLA.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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