Registering a New Request
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 2

Registering a New Request

After you got off the phone with William, you clear the Service Desk console by clicking on the Select a different requester button. This is the small round button with the ‘X’ inside it next to William’s name.

The next call you receive is from Carolyn Goldrat. She would like to know where one can find the current status of one’s expense reports. She does not use the Expense Reporting service much, but last week she submitted an expense report and now she would like to see whether it has already been approved.

When you have selected Carolyn in the Requester field of the Service Desk console, you quickly check her previously registered requests to ensure that she has not already submitted this request earlier. After you have confirmed this, press the New Request button to open a new request in which Carolyn’s question can be registered.

Rather than pressing the New Request button to open a new request, you can also click on the Add  toolbar button. Pressing this button once more resets the Service Desk console for the selected requester.

Go ahead and fill out this new request. Start by entering a short description in the Subject field. Next, provide some additional information in the Note field and select the most appropriate option in the Category field. Finally, apply the correct service instance using the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) that is presented on the right side of your screen.


The Application Development team was selected in the Team field, because it is the support team of the service instance that you applied.

This field is grayed-out because the Application Development team is part of the Widget Data Center organization, which has its own 4me account. Cali does not have access to Widget Data Center’s 4me account; she is authorized to act as a service desk analyst only in the 4me account of Widget North America’s IT department.

Note that Widget North America’s IT department obtains several services from the Widget Data Center, which is the shared IT organization of Widget International, Corp.

Assume that you are not able to answer Carolyn’s question. So just save the new request. This causes a unique ID to be assigned to it, which is visible in the Header bar of the request after the save action has been completed.

The Header bar is the area at the top of records like requests, problems and tasks when they are presented in View or Preview mode.

Inform Carolyn of her request’s ID to bring the call to a natural conclusion. Carolyn will also receive an email informing her of the request’s ID.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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