Registering a New Template
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 16

Registering a New Template

You have experienced in exercises 6 and 7 that request templates can make your life as a service desk analyst a little easier. Note, however, that you need the Service Desk Manager role to add and update request templates. Cali has the Service Desk Manager role of the ‘Widget N. America – IT’ account, so she is able to add request templates in it.

Request template

Cali believes that it would help if there was a request template to quickly handle requests from users who need to have the lamp of a conference room projector replaced. Because this template should be listed in the SHB when an instance of the Conference Room service is selected, the request template needs to be related to this service. And because this service is provided by Widget North America – IT, this request template needs to be registered in the ‘Widget N. America – IT’ account.

If you are still in the ‘All Requests’ view of the Records console and your Account Switcher is still set to ‘Widget N. America – IT’ you can click on the icon of the Records console again to select the option ‘Request Templates’. Next, press the Add toolbar button to open a new request template.

Give the request template the subject “New lamp needed for conference room projector” and enter the following in the Registration hints field:

Be sure to select the projector for which the lamp needs to be replaced.

Before you save this new template, make sure that the correct service is selected in the Service field, that the correct option is selected in the Category (Incident) and Impact (High – Service Degraded for Several Users) fields, and that the option Asset selection in Self Service is checked. This last option allows end users to select the projector when they use this template in 4me Self Service.

After you have added this request template, verify that it works. Do this by going back to the Service Desk console and selecting the user Jim Beck. Next, click on the service “Conference Room”. You should now be able to select your new request template.


These 3 request templates have not been linked to a service. All other request templates have been related to a service. When a request template is linked to a service, it will be presented in the SHB after a service instance of that service has been selected.

The request templates are sorted in such a way that the one that has been applied the most is listed on top.

Now, feel free to sign out as Cali and go to to log back in as Jim Beck to the Self Service portal of the Widget International account.

Jim’s email address is and his password is 4me. Jim is an end user, so when you are logged in as Jim you can submit a new request based on your template in 4me Self Service.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise: