Monitoring Requests
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 15

Monitoring Requests

One of the tasks of a service desk is typically to ensure that requests, which could not be resolved by the service desk, continue to progress toward their resolution. You can look up all open requests (i.e. requests that have not yet reached the status ‘Completed’), by going to the Records console and selecting the record type ‘Requests’. This will cause a view of requests to be presented. By default, the Open button of this view is pressed, so you do not see any completed requests.

To see the open requests of Cali’s customers, you can use the Account Switcher at the bottom of the view to switch from the ‘VirtualSupport’ account to the ‘Widget N. America – IT’ account.

Let’s check to see if there are some requests that are stuck in this account.


The Filter icon in the top right corner of the ‘All Requests’ view can be used to apply the filter ‘Target indication’. Set this filter to ‘Overdue’ so that the view lists only the requests that are already past their next target.

In the filtered view, click on the ‘Next Target’ header to sort the view. This presents the requests with the worst target breaches on top.

Click on the column header ‘Member’ to change the sorting of the view. This places the requests with an empty Member field on top.

Alternatively, add an additional filter by pressing the ‘Add filter …’ option above the view. Then add the filter ‘Member’ and select option ‘None’. This limits the view to all overdue requests that are not yet assigned to a specialist.

Note that request #704150 is assigned to the Network team of GlobalNet. GlobalNet is an external service provider of the Widget organizations. Since Cali does not have any access rights to the 4me account of GlobalNet, she cannot see the contact details of this team or its members.

Add a note to the request. This will cause an email notification to be sent to the specialist to whom it is assigned. If the request is not yet assigned to a specific member, contact the coordinator of the team. If the team does not have a coordinator, you can contact its manager. If the team belongs to an account that you do not have access to, contact the service desk of that organization.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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