First Line Support Agreements
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 13

First Line Support Agreements

A First Line Support Agreement (FLSA) is similar to a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The main difference between an FLSA and an SLA is that the FLSA typically provides coverage for all services, but only for first line support, whereas an SLA provides coverage for one specific service regardless of the support level that is required.

The main reason why each account should be covered by one FLSA is that the FLSA tells the 4me application which team to assign a request to when an end user submits a request in Self Service without selecting a service. It also tells 4me which team to pass a request to after it was declined by the team to which it was initially assigned.

Use the Records console to look up the FLSA that covers Widget North America’s IT department, which uses the 4me account ‘Widget N. America – IT’.


An internal service desk of a large enterprise may be responsible for providing first line support to users of multiple affiliates that are part of the enterprise. If each of these affiliates has its own 4me account, a service desk analyst of the enterprise will see an FLSA for each of these affiliates.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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