Setting a Desired Completion
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 12

Setting a Desired Completion

Before you hang up with James Ballance, he tells you that he will not be back until next Monday and that his office is locked. You inform James that you will make sure that a specialist comes by to resolve the issue then.

In the Desired completion field, specify that the requester wants to have the issue resolved by 5pm next Monday. Add a note for the specialist that the user will not be in the office until next Monday.

Please beware that, whenever the desired completion is set, updated or removed, the person selected in the Requested by field is notified via email. This email includes the desired completion date and time, as well as the Note that was added to the request.


The Desired completion field is now visible in the affected SLA. The values of the Resolution target field and the Max. resolution duration field have been crossed out. This indicates that the desired completion has become the new target that is being tracked for SLA reporting purposes.

When a desired completion is entered that is earlier than the resolution target, then the desired completion gets displayed in strikethrough font to indicate that the SLA reporting continues to be performed using the resolution target.

When this request is received by a specialist, he or she will read in the notes that the printer cannot be accessed until next Monday. This will prompt the specialist to update the status to ‘Waiting for…’ and to set the Waiting until field to 9am next Monday.

That will cause the status of the request to be set back to ‘Assigned’ on Monday at 9am. This, in turn, will cause an email notification to be sent to the specialist as a reminder.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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