Reopening a Request
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 11

Reopening a Request

It is a busy day at the service desk. You just picked up the phone again and this time it is James Ballance calling about request #704740. He tells you that he received an automated email telling him that this request has been resolved, but now the pages that come out of his printer are a little blurry. They used to be really sharp.

You explain to James that there may be an issue with the new ink cartridge. You tell James that you will reopen his request so that a specialist can take a look at this for him.

To reopen request #704740, open it in Edit mode, specify why it had to be reopened, and change its status back to “Assigned”.


It is best not to assign a reopened request to the specialist who initially tried to resolve it. It is up to each team to decide who works on which request. Karri may have just finished her shift, so another specialist may be able to resolve the request more quickly. So when you reopen a completed request, do not forget to empty the Member field.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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