Completing a New Request
Service Desk Analyst Training Exercise 10

Completing a New Request

Judy Nedzel is the next person to call for assistance. Her boss asked her to print out the basic information (the From, Subject and Received) of all the email messages he received this week from a few specific people. Judy knows how to print out a complete email message for her boss, but she never had to print out such a summary page before.

You explain to Judy that she can do this as follows:

Select the email messages by clicking once on each email while holding down the Ctrl key. When all the emails that need to be included have been selected, press Ctrl+P. This causes the Print dialog window to appear. In this window, switch from Memo Style to Table Style and select the “Only selected rows” option in the Print range section. Finally, click on the OK button to start printing.

Judy follows your instructions and when she sees the overview of the selected email messages coming out of her printer, she thanks you for your help.

Register Judy’s request.


The only two options that could apply to this request are “Solved – Review Not Required” and “Workaround – Review Required”. Since there is no need to invoke the Problem Management process for this request, it is best to select “Solved – Review Not Required”.

However, if a lot of users appear to be struggling with this, it may be a good idea to ask Problem Management to analyze this. Perhaps they can find a cost-effective way (e.g. by providing some extra training) to ensure that users know how to do this.

The following video provides an overview of the exercise:

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