Halting a Problem
Problem Manager Training Exercise 9

Halting a Problem

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to propose a practical structural solution for a problem. A bug may, for example, have been identified in an application and the vendor may have been notified. The vendor, however, may not have a patch available yet to fix this bug. In such cases you are typically stuck. All you can do is wait for the vendor to release a patch.

Of course it may be possible to replace the application with a similar application from one of the vendor’s competitors, but most of the time this will cause more trouble than it would solve, so normally that is not a practical solution. In such cases, the problem manager simply sets the status of the problem to “Progress Halted” and waits.

As soon as the vendor has made a patch available, the problem can be reassigned to a specialist to determine whether the patch really fixes the bug. If that is the case, the analysis can be completed by recommending that the patch be implemented.

In your inbox you see problem #209. The analysis of this problem was also performed by Frank Watson. Open this problem and update it to indicate that you are satisfied with Frank’s analysis and that there is currently nothing practical that can be done to fix it.


The “Problems Managed by Me” view can be used for this. Click on the Halted button above the view to see only the problems that are set to the status “Progress Halted”.

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