Using Known Errors in Incident Management
Problem Manager Training Exercise 7

Using Known Errors in Incident Management

As part of your periodic request review, you registered two new problems. You assigned these problems to specialists, so that they can propose a structural solution.

In both cases you were already able to suggest a workaround. When this is not possible, the specialist who analyzes the problem will try to suggest one. This is important for the Incident Management process, as both service desk analysts and specialists see the known errors in the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) when they register and complete requests.

Go to the Service Desk console and open a new request by clicking on the New Request button. This opens an empty request form and the SHB will be available on the right side of the screen.


When you select the Expense Reporting Production service instance in the SHB, you will find both problems in the Known Errors section.

You can also select this service instance, or the Expense Reporting Development & Test service instance, in the Service instance field of the request to see the same list of problems in the Known Errors section of the SHB. It does not matter which service instance is selected, as long as it is a service instance of the Expense Reporting service, because that is the service to which these problems are related.

Apply one of the known errors by dragging it from the SHB and dropping it onto the new request. See how the workaround of the known error gets added to the Note field of the new request.

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