Registering a New Problem (ii)
Problem Manager Training Exercise 6

Registering a New Problem (ii)

The last conclusion you drew from your request review is that requests #702480, #702400 and #702510 all have the same root cause. You decide to register a new problem for these requests to find out the following:

Go ahead and select one of these three requests in the “Requests for Problem Identification” view and use the “Relate to New Problem…” action to open a new problem. Ensure that this problem is assigned for analysis to Tom Waters and that he is aware of the goals of the analysis. Give Tom about one week to complete the analysis.

For this problem (logging in to the Expense Reporting application is very slow) there is a simple workaround: to not logout from Expense Reporting. When a workaround is identified it is a good practice to specify a Known Error and document the Workaround. In 4me this Known Error will become visible in the right pane (the SHB or Service Hierarchy Bar) when a specialist edits a request for the same service and the specialist will be able to apply the known error to copy the workaround to the request.

So tick the Known Error checkbox and specify the following information in the Workaround field:

The only practical workaround currently available is for users to simply not log off when they are done using the Expense Reporting service. That way they do not need to log in again the next time they access the service.

Make sure that the correct impact level is selected for this new problem. Once you have done this, you can save the new problem and close its browser tab.

Back in the previous browser tab, refresh the “Requests for Problem Identification” view to ensure that the request for which you registered the problem is removed from the view. Next, open the other 2 requests that were caused by the same problem and select this problem in their Problem field.

You will see that requests #702470 and #704090 are now the only ones left in the “Requests for Problem Identification” view. And since you decided to leave these there for now to see if other users also struggle with these issues, you have completed your request review.

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