Assigning a Problem
Problem Manager Training Exercise 5

Assigning a Problem

Since Grace Weller managed to resolve the incident so well, you decide to assign the new problem to her. Give Grace roughly 1 week to find the root cause of the problem and to propose a structural solution. After you have specified the analysis target for Grace, save the new problem.

Open the Relations section of the problem. There you see that it has been related to request #704220. You also notice that a service instance and configuration item have been linked to the problem.


The service instance and the configuration item are related to request #704220. They were related to this request, because the incident affected the Expense Reporting Production service instance and the incident was found to have been caused by the Widget Expense Reporting 12.4.2 application.

Close the browser tab in which the problem is presented. Return to the tab in which request #704220 is shown. When you refresh your browser screen, you will see that request #704220 is no longer listed in the “Requests for Problem Identification” view. That is because it is now related to a problem.

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