Registering a New Problem (i)
Problem Manager Training Exercise 4

Registering a New Problem (i)

Another thing you concluded during your request review is that a problem should be registered for request #704220. Even though the incident was resolved successfully, its root cause was clearly not removed. Because the entire service was down, you are anxious to find out what caused this incident so that something can be done to ensure that the incident does not recur.

Open a new problem for request #704220. Do this as follows:

This causes a new browser tab to open with a new problem record. Most fields of this problem are automatically populated. In the Note field you can add the following information:

When the MaxInQueue hangs, users who are not already logged in will not be able to access the Expense Reporting application. They will not even be able to open the login screen.

Because request #704220 already specifies a workaround that appears to work well, you can check the Known Error box and fill out the following in the Workaround field:

Manually flush the MaxInQueue on the server. This can only be done by a specialist from the Application Development team.

Do not save the new problem yet. The next exercise needs to be completed first.

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