Adding a Request to a Problem
Problem Manager Training Exercise 3

Adding a Request to a Problem

During your review of the requests, you also noticed that request #702550 with the subject Should users be able to request time off for next year? concerns a problem that you registered a few weeks ago.

Open the “Problems Managed by Me” view in the Records console and look up this problem.

You can open a view of the Records console in a separate browser tab by clicking on the Records console icon and holding down the Ctrl key while you select a record type.


In the list ‘Problems Managed by Me’ there is problem with ID #220 and subject ‘Unable to schedule time off for next year’: this is probably the problem that caused this request to be registered.

When you were reviewing request #702550, you could have opened the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) by clicking on the tab in the upper right-hand corner of the request. You would have found Problem #220 listed in the Known Errors section of the SHB, because this is an open problem for which a workaround has already been specified.

Now that you have confirmed that the problem that caused request #702550 has already been registered, return to the “Requests for Problem Identification” view, open request #702550 in Edit mode and relate it to this problem.


The Reviewed button disappeared above the request, because there is no need for problem managers to review requests that have already been related to a problem. That is also why the request is no longer listed in the “Requests for Problem Identification” view.

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