Automation Rules Training - Introduction

Automation Rules Training - Introduction


Automation Rules provide powerful 4me functionality to automate workflow steps within your processes. With automation rules you can inform the requester on the progress of his request, you can cancel tasks and add or remove approvers based on a selection the requester has made, you can modify the status of an asset and link or unlink the asset to or from a user, and so much more… Automation rules allow you to automate most of the manual steps in your process and reduce the administration to a minimum so the specialists can focus on what really matters.

To define automation rules, you will need to write some ‘high level code’ and have a basic understanding of the data structure of the 4me records. While at first sight Automation Rules may seem complex, you will find these techniques straightforward once you have understood the basic concepts. In this workshop, you will start with some very basic Automatic Rules and step-by-step build up to some more complex examples.

This training module is intended for people who will manage workflows in 4me. Upon completion of this training module, you will know:

Approximate duration: 4 hours.

Approximate duration:  4 hours

It is important to note that this training module assumes that you have already completed the 4me Specialist Training.

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