Optional Steps
Account Setup Guide Step 8

Optional Steps

Your organization is now ready to use 4me to register all requests from your customers.

You can already let your customers know that they can signup and submit requests online at:


Just be sure to replace sitename with the name you selected for your account. You may also want to add a link from your support web page to this address.

Are you ready to learn about the more advanced features of 4me? Use the online training modules to learn how 4me can streamline your IT service management processes. Each module takes only a few hours to complete and prepares you to take your support organization to its next maturity level.

Once you have gone through the Service Level Manager Training, it is time to review the service level management information. At that point you will want to rename some of the services you imported and adjust the service level targets. You will probably also want to add additional service instances to ensure that a service instance is registered for each environment of each service.

After that you may even want to start registering the configuration items that make up these service instances.


You are invited to schedule an hour of free consulting with one of our IT service management experts. Just send an email to support@4me.com and we shall schedule an online meeting with you to review your account setup.