Invite Your Colleagues
Account Setup Guide Step 7

Invite Your Colleagues

It is time to give your colleagues access to 4me. You do this by giving the service desk analysts and the IT specialists the appropriate roles (i.e. access profiles) and making them a member of a team.

Do this using the following instructions:

  1. Within 4me, click on the Records console toolbar icon.
  2. Select the “People” option from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select one of your colleagues.
  4. Click on the Edit toolbar button.
  5. Open the Roles & Teams section.
  6. Select at least the Specialist role.
  7. Select the team that this person is a member of.
  8. Click on the Save button.
Do not forget to give each service desk analysts the Service Desk Analyst role. This allows them to register requests for others.

After you have done this for a person, he or she will automatically receive an email with signup instructions.

Do this for each colleague you would like to invite. It is OK to start with only a few colleagues until you are comfortable getting the rest of your organization onto 4me.

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