Import Service Offerings
Account Setup Guide Step 4

Import Service Offerings

Now a service offering will need to be loaded for each service. These service offerings define the service level targets and other details of the SLAs that will be loaded in step 5. Even though the service levels defined in these service offerings are probably not exactly right for your organization, don’t worry; you can always change them later.

To generate an offering for each service, download the service offerings import file to your PC. After that, follow these instructions:

  1. Within 4me, click on the Records console toolbar icon.
  2. Select the “Service Offerings” option from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the Actions toolbar button.
  4. Select the option “Import…” option.
  5. Click on the Choose File… button.
  6. Select the service offerings import file.
  7. Click on the Import button to start the import.

A service offering will not be created for the services that you deleted in step 2. The Import Log in the Settings console will show an error for each service that you deleted, which is correct.

Once again, do not rename any of the service offerings yet. It is best to do that after you have completed all the imports.

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