Getting Started with Time Tracking

Getting Started with Time Tracking


The ‘Getting Started with Time Tracking in 4me’ workshop will guide you through the following exercises:

  1. 4me Time Tracking Components
  2. Setting the Scene
  3. Defining Timeheet Settings
  4. Defining the Effort Classes
  5. Defining Time Allocations
  6. Testing the Setup – Registering Time
  7. The Components of the Review Cycle
  8. Adjusting Time Entries
  9. Locking Timesheets
  10. Making Corrections to Locked Timesheets
  11. Design the Time Tracking Review Cycle
  12. Integrations
  13. Reporting
  14. Organizational Change Management

To complete the exercises, access your 4me instance at

If you do not yet have access to a 4me instance, you can request one by going to the 4me website.

Once you have accessed your instance, you will need to select one of the GigaTera 4me accounts (the GigaTera directory account or the GigaTera Managed Services support domain account).

Sandra Store has the Administrator role in both the GigaTera directory account and GigaTera Managed Services support domain account. You are always able to switch to another account by logging out Sandra Store: on the login form you can the click on the ‘Choose a different account’ action which will bring you to the list of available 4me accounts in your 4me instance. Later on in this training we will explain what needs to be defined in the directory account and what needs to be defined in the support domain account.

Sandra’s email address is:
Her 4me password is: 4me
All passwords in your training instance have been set to 4me. For training purposes we use easy to remember passwords, since you will switch users with  different roles quite often during the exercises. The passwords do not reflect the strict password requirements 4me has for its own employees, nor the requirements your organization will set in the 4me system for you.
Make sure you verify the settings of your training instance when it has been used by someone else. Go to the settings console (5th icon in the top header bar). In the left pane at the bottom you will find the menu options 'Instance Options' and 'Instance Reset'. Click on  the Instance Options menu to define your email address as the 'Forwarding email address'. Click on the Instance Reset menu to reinitilize the data in your demo instance.

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